Bea Oleia SPA - Stress and Pain Away

Stress can kill you.. Or diminish the quality of your life..

Research shows that 90% of diseases is stress-related. Stress has been shown to aggravate or cause health problems such as chronic fatigue, diabetes, digestive upset, headache, migraine, memory loss, stroke, hypertension, heart disease or cancer.
Stress makes us age faster, internally and externally. It saps the joy out of our life, preventing us to fully enjoy our relationships. 

Massage Therapy for Stress

A recent study conducted by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles involving 53 healthy adults who were given massage therapy, showed decrease in levels of stress hormone cortisol and increase in white blood cells, resulting to a stronger immune system.

Stress and Pain Away
At BEA OLEIA (means “Blessed Oil”), we offer a massage therapy specially designed to reduce stress, relieve pain and make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalized.
Our proprietary oil, formulated by a Biochemist, is rich in Omega-3, 5 and 9 nutrients guaranteed to relieve inflammation which causes pain.

Massage Modalities

We offer the following massage modalities using our proprietary massage oil:

     Deep Tissue Massage on Bed or Chair 

     Dagdagay Foot Massage on Chair

     Ventosa Massage on Bed or Chair

     Carpal Tunnel Massage Therapy on Chair

     Sports Massage (Hilot-Pinoy) on Bed or Chair

BeaOleia Signature Massage for On-Site Clients

Conducted on client’s own place, BeaOleia Chair Massage is an on-clothing therapy which involves applying massage and acupressure techniques on head, neck, shoulder and upper back to loosen fibrous knots and nodules, thereby releasing tension.

Oil may or may not be used during the 30-minute massage session, but we give the client a 20 ml bottle of Oleia Oil for use as post-massage anti-inflammatory therapy. The client, with the help of a friend or partner, will simply apply Oleia Oil on her shoulder and upper back immediately after the massage to relieve inflammation and pain.

Franchise Opportunity                                                                

In-SPA or On-Site Massage Business

Bring your clients to BeaOleia or bring BeaOleia to your clients.

With the portable chair massage, you can cater to a bigger market, including prospects who do not have time to go to your SPA.

You can offer an On-Site Massage therapy to:

· Employees of Call Center and other companies

· Players/athletes in Sports tournaments (golf, badminton, basketball, tennis)

· Participants in Events (fun run, corporate product launch,   promotions, trade shows)

· Stage performers, artists/crew during Film/TV production/shooting

· Passengers in Airport and other terminal

· Relatives waiting in Hospitals/clinics

· Guests in beach resorts or private SPArty

BeaOleia SPA - Stress and Pain Away
Open for Franchising
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